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    Hand milking and machine milking are the two methods of which in India.

    1. Hand Milking

    Cows are milked from left side. after let down of milk, the milker starts milking teats either cross wise or fore quarters together and then hind quarters together or teats appearing most distended milked first few streams of fore milk from each teat be let on to a strip cup.
    This removes any dirt from the teat canal and gives the operator a chance to detect mastitis.

    2. Machine Milking

    Modern milking machines are capable of milking cows quickly and efficiently, without injuring the udder, if they are properly installed, maintained in excellent operating conditions, and used properly.
    The milking machine performs two basic functions.
    It opens the streak canal through the use of a partial vacuum, allowing the milk to flow out of the teat cistern through a line to a receiving container.
    It massages the teat, which prevents congestion of blood and lymph in the teat.