• Hariyana (हरियाणा नस्ल)

Hariyana (हरियाणा नस्ल)

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    1.It was originated from Rohtak, Hisar, Jind and Gurgaon districts of Haryana and also popular in Punjab, UP and parts of MP.
    2.Horns are small.
    3.The bullocks are powerful work animals.
    4.Hariana cows are fair milkers yielding 600 to 800 kg of milk per lactation.
    5.The breed belongs to the shorthorned type of zebu and is grey or white.
    6.The average cow weighs 310 kg and the average bull 430 kg.
    7. They are well suited to fast road work, being able to pull a one ton load at 2 miles per hour and cover 20 miles a day.
    8. While females are kept primarily for breeding of oxen, they are also milked.