• Umblachery (उम्ब्लाचेरी)

Umblachery (उम्ब्लाचेरी)

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    1. It is otherwise called as Jathi madu, Mottai madu, Molai madu, Therkathi madu.
    2.Originated inThanjavur, Thiruvarur and Nagappattinam districts of Tamil Nadu.
    3.Suitable for wet ploughing and known for their strength and sturdiness.
    4.Umblachery calves are generally red or brown at birth with all the characteristic white marking on the face, on limbs and tail.
    5.The legs have white markings below the hocks like socks.
    6.The practice of dehorning of bullocks is peculiar in Umblachery cattle.