• Pulikulam (पुलीकुलम)

Pulikulam (पुलीकुलम)

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    1. This breed is commonly seen in cumbum valley of Madurai district in Tamil Nadu.
    2. Also known as Jallikattu madu, kidai madu, sentharai.
    3.Small in size, usually grey or dark grey in colour.
    4.Well- developed hump.
    5.Mainly used for penning in the field.
    6.Useful for ploughing.
    7.Presence of reddish or brownish spots in muzzle, eyes, switch and back is the characteristic feature of this breed.
    8.Typical backward curving horns of likeMysore type cattle.
    9.Breeds are active, useful draught animals but not fast trotter