• Ongole ‌‌(ओंगोले)

Ongole ‌‌(ओंगोले)

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    1.Otherwise known as Nellore.
    2.Home tract is Ongole taluk in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh.
    3.Large muscular breed with a well developed hump.
    4.Suitable for heavy draught work.
    5.White or light grey in colour.
    6.Average milk yield is 1000 kgs per lactation.
    7.Ongole cattle are efficiently used in their native home for both work and milk production.
    8.They are usually docile and the bulls are very powerful, suitable for heavy plowing or car work but are not considered to be suitable for fast work or trotting purposes.
    9.The cows are fair milkers.