• Tharparkar (थारपारकर)

Tharparkar (थारपारकर)

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    1. Originated in Tharparkar district (Pakistan) of undivided India and also found in Rajasthan.
    2. Founded Mainly in Jaisalmer ,Barmer ,Jodhpur district.
    3. Otherwise known as White Sindhi, Gray Sindhi and Thari.
    4. They are medium sized, compact and have lyre-shaped horn.
    5. Body colour is white or light grey.
    6. The bullocks are quite suitable for ploughing and casting and the cows yield 1800 to 2600 kgs of milk per lactation.
    7. Cattle of this breed are strongly built, medium sized, with straight limbs and good feet.
    8. The head is medium sized, the forehead broad and flat or slightly convex above the eyes.
    9. The eyes are full and bright with a beautiful black lining.
    10. In males (bulls), the horns are thicker and shorter than in cows.
    11. The hump in males is moderately well developed and firm.
    12. The cows are very friendly to humans.
    13. Tharparkar cow’s milk has highest nutritional value.
    14. The cows average 138 cm in height and 350 kg in weight, while bulls are taller and much heavier.
    15. Milk contains average 4.4% fat and 9.0% SNF.
    16. Their average life span is around 25 years and yields 8-10 lit/day (2000 lit per lactation)
    17. They usually have 14-18 calves in their life span