• Kankrej (कांकरेज)

Kankrej (कांकरेज)

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    1. The Kankrej breed of cattle gets its name from a territory of that name in North Gujarat of Bombay Province, India.
    2. It is otherwise called as Wadad or Waged, Wadhiar.
    3. The Kankrej is on of the heaviest of the Indian breeds of cattle.
    4.Color varies from silver to gray to iron gray or steel black.
    5.The horns are lyre-shaped.
    6.The gait of Kankrej is peculiar called as 1 ¼ paces (sawai chal).
    7.Kankrej is valued for fast, powerful, draught cattle. Useful in ploughing and carting.
    8.The cows are good milkers, yielding about 1400 kgs per lactation.